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Bye Bye, Training Wheels … and Baby Tooth

M reached two milestones today. This morning, she was finally able to ride her two-wheeler. And later in the day, she lost her very first baby tooth!

Way to go, Michaela!



Daddy Camp

I have theater camp this week. Michaela isn’t signed up for any activities so she’s been hanging out with Daddy. She calls it Daddy Camp. They went for a long bike ride at Shoreline Park yesterday. Today, they went to Happy Hollow. She rode the roller coaster three times!

Gilroy Garlic Festival



We went on an Alaskan cruise at the beginning of summer. Check out our photo journal.

Img 0001

Chinese Camp

Summer is here! Our first camp this summer is the Wisdom Chinese Cultural Camp. We had a fun week.

Our classes are named after Chinese snack food. I was a 春卷 and Michaela was a little 烧饼.


Last Day of K

Today is Michaela’s last day of kindergarten! How time flies!



We did a day trip to Sacramento today. The first thing we did was stopped by the Spud Shack for the best fries ever. Next, we visited the awesome California State Railroad Museum. Then we had so much fun tasting many different flavors of olive oil and balsamic vinegar at The Chefs’ Olive Mix. After lunch at Indo Cafe, we headed to the Delta King for desserts.

We then visited the State Capitol Park and had a nice dinner at Mama’s favorite restaurant in Sacramento — Tapa The World.


Circus Circus

We, the third graders at Oak School, put up a great show for everyone today. It’s our Circus Circus musical.

Check out the album.

Mother’s Day & Choir Performance

We made Mommy a breakfast of waffles and fruits. It was delicious especially with the mascarpone.

I also had my Crystal Choir performance in the afternoon.

More photos here.

CYES Performance

Michaela’s class at Chinese school put up an awesome performance this afternoon. I didn’t get to see it but Mommy and Daddy did.

More photos.