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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Hawaii – Day 8

This is our last full day in Hawaii. We spent the morning at the beach on the other side of our hotel. On our way there, we saw this turtle resting on the beach. This beach is a great place for snorkeling, or so I was told. Daddy says I’ll be old enough to snorkel […]

Hawaii – Day 7

Thursday. We had a huge breakfast at a diner in Waimea frequented by locals. The guide book isn’t exaggerating when it says they serve huge portions. See those two plates? That’s just Mommy’s breakfast. Daddy had been looking forward to lunch at Cafe 100, the birthplace of loco moco. But because he had Da Big […]

Hawaii – Day 6

It’s Mommy’s last day at the conference. Yay! We had lunch at the food court at Queen’s Market. Mommy and Daddy got plate lunches (Daddy can’t get enough of this stuff) while I had a pizza. We spent the afternoon exploring the Hilton. There were lots of cool stuff to see and do. Here’s me […]

Hawaii – Day 5

Mommy had to attend talks again this morning. So we just hung out at the pool and beach. I made some friends at the pool. That’s Tassa on the left. We had a lot of fun playing silly games we made up.

Hawaii – Day 4

Monday. Mommy’s conference started today. The three of us went down to the beach while Mommy was attending the talks. We met a little girl named Elise and her Dad, Brian. Elise’s mommy was giving a talk at the conference. After lunch, I made leis in the hotel lobby. It was fun! After Mommy was […]

Hawaii – Day 3

We went to the Walmart in Kailua-Kona to get a new camera because we thought we lost ours the day before (we later found it under Chyen Chyen’s crib). After that we headed to this beach where we had yummy shaved ice while Daddy went snorkeling. Daddy saw lots of fishies and even a turtle. […]

Hawaii – Day 2

Chyen Chyen and I woke up very early today. Daddy says it’s because we’re still on California time. We went to the Queen’s Shops area for breakfast but most of the shops were still closed. So we just got some pastries from Starbucks. When Daddy bought a bear claw, I made a joke about panda […]


We got up early today (it was still dark out!) to hop on a flight to Hawaii. The flight wasn’t fun for Mommy and Daddy because Chyen Chyen kept crying and I kept asking them why we were not there yet. Daddy let me watch Wonder Pets on his iPhone. A few hours later, we […]

Rock Climbing …

… at Ortega Park. I love it!

Children’s Discovery Museum

I had a great time hanging out with Daddy today.