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Monthly Archives: September 2006

My New Picnic Table

Mommy got me this “new” picnic table at Ashley’s garage sale. I love it! Here’s me getting my play-doh ready.

I’m All Better!

It’s the third time I had to wear a Holter monitor for 24 hours, and I’m kinda used to it. The good news this time is that my PVC has gone down from 25% to just 0.8%. Yay! I’ll have to see my cardiologist again in six months, but that could be the last time […]

Daddy and Me

Now that Grandma’s gone, Daddy is staying home with me. Yay! At least until they find me a good daycare. I’m generally less demanding on Daddy than I am on Mommy. But I won’t let him work. So these days, he only works in the morning before I wake up and in the afternoon during […]

Grandpa and Grandma Leaving

Grandpa and Grandma are leaving tonight. Grandma was here to help take care of me for 2 months. Grandpa came two weeks ago. I had a great time with them. Daddy posted some pictures of the visit here.

Lake Tahoe

We went up to Lake Tahoe for the weekend. We spent two nights at a very nice cottage. Highlights of the trip include hiking down to Emerald Bay for a picnic, and taking the gondola up Heavenly. Grandpa and Grandma won $300 at the Horizon Casino. Something weird happened the second night. Some guy came […]