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Monthly Archives: May 2006

Uncle Lee Soon

Uncle Lee Soon stayed with us for a few days. I like him because he gave me a big Pooh Bear! Daddy just posted some pictures here.


Our deck was completed yesterday! Daddy couldn’t wait to use it so we had a BBQ the very next day. We had ribs and lots of other food. Yummy!

Gugu’s Graduation

Gugu finally got her PhD in Sociology. While everyone sat and listened to the speeches, I ran up and down the aisle and played with a girl named Odet. Here’s gugu being hooded by her dissertation co-chair. More photos here.

Mother’s Day

Today’s Mother’s Day and Daddy made brunch for everybody. There were lots of food – bagels, fruits and a savory bread pudding.

Deck Construction – Day 4

Here’s what our deck look like at the end of day 4. I can’t wait to play on our new deck!

Our Deck is Here

Our deck is here but it’s sitting on our driveway.


Our deck construction has begun! This is what our side yard looks like after the first day of work. With the trees trimmed back, the yard looks a lot bigger. Pretty soon, I’ll be able to play outside! I’m so excited! Daddy is excited to finally get his barbecue.

My Own Corner

I finally got my own corner of the family room! Yay! I am so happy! I love my corner!


Mommy and Daddy are painting their bedroom. Mommy looks like she’s having fun but she wouldn’t let me paint!


I have a new favorite food and it’s curry! Yummy. “要辣辣咖喱” is what I tell Daddy after every spoonful. Hee hee.